I try to find the appreciation in the things that I do like art. Examining it closely, getting full sense of it, living it in for a few moments.  Sometimes it’s easy to do. It flows as effortlessly and as easily as conversation that pulls you in and out of the consciousness of your environment. After one such conversation and dinner with my friend Jaselyn, I took the longer way home. I had been meaning to head by Sol to get a look at the Christmas tree all alight. It’s a beautifully tall tree of lights that occupies the center of the plaza, but I think I most enjoy the ornaments strung above the streets adorning the city. It’s as if the city is a Christmas tree itself with these lighted ornaments ablaze in holiday spirit throughout the branched corridors of the city. Walking through the city gone slick from the passing of rain glistening from the deep, radiating, glowing light of its street lamps, unraveling the charred skin of castañas asadas, humming the Christmas versions of Nat King Cole and Donny Hathaway, it was easy to find the appreciation of the angle of rainfall, of the taste of roasted chestnuts in their smell, of these travelling moments, of these passing sounds, of this life. It makes me appreciation this holiday season in what is really a new season of my life. I still wish I had some cinnamon laced apple cider and the company of my loved ones (yeah, that’s you, good-looking ;)), but I’m happy stretching out my soul in this new place, finding out the who I am in a changed context. I still got lots of molting to do. But today, I feel like I’m getting to the ever-changing “there,” and for now, I’m just content to close this day with reflections, writing, and jazz.

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I have lots more to share about my experiences in and out of the classroom. I hope to update you all soon during this time off. It just takes a lot of time and intent to try to put the detailed weight of these moments into entries. But thanks for being patient and hanging in there with me.