The picture of Spain I had in my head before I arrived was a snippet of places like Segovia. It’s soft, playful tones and stunning architecture gave off a very tranquil vibe. It was nice to arrive to such a quiet place after all of the hustle and bustle of trying to find the bus terminal as my friends were trying to hold the bus for me. One hour and 6,37 euros away, Segovia waited patiently in a very cool, calm state for us as we took the next bus. Caught off guard by the cold, our stopped at a coffee shop first. We ordered Chocolate Suiza, which was really warm chocolate pudding rather than the warm hot chocolate our American mentalities assumed. With a little warm in our bellies, we figured out a journey on the map and headed towards the aqueduct. Standing tall over and seeming to span a great length, the aqueduct seemed to attract most of Segovia’s visitors. After a few pictures of the tall, grey giant, we went through the narrow calles, admiring the tranquility of the scenery as Emily and I tried to spot where we would live as neighbors. Although we were very cold, the sky hung a perfect blue hue with hugging clouds gathered close together over the balcony of the heavens. It was a perfect cast for our day among the ancient community that flaunted a traditional, stainglassed Catholic church and the regality of old Spain in a castle I was told that inspired the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The day inside matched our outside experience as we tasted the colorful Segovian cuisine. It was a beautiful day spent in a quiet place with good company. I’m quite content.

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